Where it all began

I developped a passion for junk rigs and became a member of the Junk Rig Association (the JRA) after having “accidentally” read Eric Andlauer’s translation of Roger Taylor’s book “Ming-Ming and the Art of minimalist ocean sailing”. At that time there was an advert in the Swap, Sell or Buy area of the JRA website, for a junk rigged schooner named China Blue. Back then, in 2017, I didn’t have the money nor the time and this boat remained a recurrent dream.

Last year in 2020, after my retirement and having put a little money aside, I found out China Blue had not been sold and I decided to go for it.

This site is dedicated to my acquisition of China Blue, and to the voyage that brought her from Glasgow, Scotland, via Ireland then Wales, to Soubise, on the river Charente, France.

China Blue, first encounter in Glasgow
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1 year ago

Mais il est très beau ce bateau!!!les rêves ,c’est bien de les réaliser, et semble-t-il Patrick c’est vraiment un rêve que tu réalises là!!
Félicitations pour ta détermination,bon vent pour tout ce qui reste à venir
Tes amis Jean et Mireille

Cyrille Vautrin
Cyrille Vautrin
11 months ago

Hello Patrick sympa de nous faire vivre tes rêves. Tres belle aventure. Alors maintenant “will you cross the Atlantic ocean ??”. Hâte de vous voir tous les 2 et aussi china blue ! Cyrille and Pauline

Maddy Kerslake
Maddy Kerslake
4 months ago

Very pretty boat! The sails are the same colour as ours on Paradox,